Classes are available at K-12 public schools, private schools, community centers, and juvenile probation departments.

Take the Stage®: Filmmaking and Acting residency teaches students the skills of acting and filmmaking which includes brainstorming initial concepts, outlining, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and final production.  Students will be active participants in every aspect of the creation process including being actors in the films they create.  With media accessible at every student's fingertips in this tech-driven age, this Take the Stage residency will provide a fun, thoughtful, and practical approach for children who desire to
create their own media content.


1. Scriptwriting through improvisation
• Students work together in a group using acting improvisation to develop original scenes based on a common theme for the class.  
• Students explore how characters use varying strategies to achieve their objective in an improvisation scene. These short-improvised pieces will include clear directives, objectives, and character types.
• The improvisations will be the foundations for the brainstorming sessions during the scriptwriting process.

2. Filmmaking
• Students will learn the building blocks of filmmaking from outline, scriptwriting,
storyboarding, shot list, and a script breakdown.
• Students will learn about and assume the main roles on a film set.
• Students will learn the basics of camera operation and film editing.

3. Vocal and Physical
• Students work on vocal and articulation exercises to help them communicate publicly more comfortably and speak more clearly. These exercises will be repeated at the beginning of each class in order for the students to gain a proficiency in the exercises. 
• Students work on physical exercises that helps them be more aware, in control, and comfortable in their own bodies. These physical warm-up exercises are repeated at the beginning of each class as well.


The thematic topics of the films will be relatable, topical, and appropriate for their age group.  On the final day, the class will have a screening of the videos that they created. The students will also demonstrate an abbreviated “day in class” by leading the audience in warm-up exercises and showcasing some of their improvisational skills led by suggestions from the audience.  

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