The Need

Research shows elementary school students have a higher rate of retention when they learn academic curriculum through the arts whether it be through music, dance, theatre, creative writing or visual art.


However, many schools around the country are not equipped with the resources to integrate the arts into the curriculum or have the adequate funding to bring in outside teaching artists.

The Solution
Take the Stage Educational Media is an online resource that provides educational videos, worksheets and lesson plans for teachers to integrate the arts into the curriculum with the purpose to increase student comprehension and engagement.  


  • Take the Stage Educational Media is easy-to-use and customizable for the teacher, and most of all, it’s fun for the students.


  • Take the Stage Educational Media is filmed in both English and Spanish to accommodate the substantial Spanish-speaking population in the United States.


  • Take the Stage Educational Media is for grades K-5 and covers math, science, social studies, and language arts.

The Research
Take the Stage was piloted in five elementary schools and twenty-five classrooms n Houston by Allison Caplovitz, Ph.D. (formally of Blues Clues) with a team of researchers from the University of Houston.  The study results showed academic improvement in all English and Spanish classrooms for grades K-5.

On PBS LearningMedia
  • Take the Stage is proud to be on PBS LearningMedia, an online destination that offers content designed to enhance classroom instruction globally.  Aligned to state and national standards, this platform is compatible with the tools teachers use most such as Google Classroom.

  • Houston Public Media and TexasPBS supporters in the partnership with PBS LearningMedia.

Sofia and Mr. Parrot
Super Flip
Supervivencia Animal!