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3rd - 12th grade Filmmaking Residencies

Teaching students the magic of filmmaking.
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Take a look into our Filmmaking Residencies

"Can we make another film?"
- Student at the end of film residency

The Filmmaking Residency teaches students the skills of acting and filmmaking which includes brainstorming initial concepts, outlining, scriptwriting, storyboarding, camera operation, lighting, green screen editing, and final production.  Students are active participants in every aspect of the creation process including being actors in the films they create. 


With media accessible at every student's fingertips in this tech-driven age, this residency provides a fun, thoughtful, and practical approach for children who desire to create their own media content.

The thematic topics of the student films are relatable, topical, sometimes serious, and often hilarious.  On the final day, the class has a screening of the films with a question & answer format featuring the young filmmakers.  Parents, invited guests and the school community is invited.

School and Camps include: Wharton Dual Language Academy, Gateway Academy, River Oaks Baptist School, Attucks Middle School, Reynolds Elementary School, Fondren Elementary School, Silambam Houston, and the Asia Society Texas Center

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